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wood. fired. bliss.

Our Story

Welcome to - thanks for stopping by.  Here's my story: 


My name is Liz Campbell and I love pizza! Hopefully you feel that love in the products I share. I am continually learning and experimenting with pizza, finding fun new combinations, looking for new products and trying to master a craft that brings me loads of joy.  


I grew up in a large Italian family where food  easily translated to love. My great-grandmother was a mail-order bride from Italy. She never spoke English but communicated with us through baking. We would love visiting "Little Grandmas" house because she would make fresh bread. We knew we were loved when we walked in and smelled that bread baking. My grandmother was a phenomenal cook.  She made vegetables melt in your mouth.  I remember picking asparagus along the canals and her turning it into something so delicious I could barely believe it.  The green beans, the lava beans, the caulifower...oh, the veggies.  And my mom learned all of that and fed us 7 kids these basically gourmet meals on a tight budget.  People still ask her to make the spaghetti sauce for special occasions.  She was born in 1935, so you can do the math.  I knew from a very young age that food could show love. This sentiment has clearly traveled through the generations and landed firmly in my heart. It is alive and well in my family. 


From the first time I tried classic Neopolitan Style wood fired pizza, I knew I had found my food passion. I have been playing with dough for several years and found what I feel to be the crust that tastes best and works in my oven.  Pizza is the ultimate communal food - it is meant to be shared. I am happy to be sharing my passion with you. 

I started selling pizzas out of the trailer in the Spring of 2018.  The first year was so much fun!  I love pizza people.  I love the informal nature of our operation.  I believe it leads to a really joyous experience.  WOOD.FIRED.BLISS.

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